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CAL REWIRE is a family owned and operated business. Headed by Matt
Blackburn and assisted by his father Roy Blackburn, a combined 50+ years of
experience in automotive electrical systems is available at the shop.

We are committed to customer service and are second to none in the area of
automotive electrical service and products. You can rest assured that our
number one priority is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with
every aspect of your experience.

Where we strive to excel is in the service AFTER the sale. Many companies
spend a lot of money getting you in the door only to forget who you are the
moment you've paid.  Chances are that you were referred by word of mouth
and that type of advertising doesn't have a price, we care about every
customer and hope to make you feel like one of our friends.  

Our main goal in the shop is to make sure that every repair or project is
completed CORRECTLY.  We aren't new to this field and we know the
importance of a quality repair.  Depending on the job, we insist on using OEM
parts and performing repairs that leave the car in like new condition.  We
refuse to cut corners, even to save the customer money, as a dollar saved now
costs ten times that later.

Our custom work follows these same guidelines.  Over half of our jobs are
fixing other shops mistakes.  You can be sleep easy knowing  that your
investment is in good hands and the finished product will look amazing, work
correctly and be reliable so you can use your car for what it was intended, TO

We stay up to date on all the new products and styles of builds. Whether you
have a Pro-Touring Camaro or an Old School roadster, we know what needs
to be done to set the car up the way it should be.  We understand each car is
unique and we will cater to your vision in order to bring your dream to fruition.  
We hope that you give us a call so we can get your car back on the road with
the confidence that CAL REWIRE put their hands on it.